That Was Just a Dream Collage on watercolor paper 6" x 5" 2016
That Was Just a Dream
Collage on watercolor paper
6″ x 5″

For many years I had a reoccurring dream about running from a tornado and a nuclear bomb. There was always a white frame church with a steeple directly in the path of the tornado. People inside the church were looking out the windows. I would shout at them and point to the tornado, but they wouldn’t leave, not even when the tornado was about to hit them. I suppose there are  a number of ways that could be interpreted. <tongue in cheek>

In the dream I somehow always managed to stay a few steps ahead of the destruction, and the dreams weren’t that frightening — more disconcerting — and curious. The dreams stopped a few years ago (thankfully!). Occasionally I still dream about tornadoes – probably because I live in Tornado Alley –  but the bombs and church are gone.

A few years ago, I asked a dream interpreter about the meaning of the dream. He said tornadoes were a symbol of turmoil. Not sure whether that’s actually  applicable – I seemed to have the dreams even in times with zero drama in my life.